All About Me

Sandy Buettiker
DIS Custodian
4 years
My husband and I moved from CT to Radford in 2014. I had many relatives that lived in this city so I was always here visiting when I was growing up. We currently take in and foster senior dogs who may have health needs and need a home to stay in for the rest of their lives to feel safe and loved.  I have held many job postions in my life and each one had a positive impact on me. These included: Manager of a machine shop, soccer coach, mentor/life skills aide, Counselor, Birth to Three home counselor, Doula coach, working at Windsor CT Police Dept, Bus driver and trainer, and many other postions along the way. I have a Bachelor's in Human Services from Springfield College in Mass. I am currently working at DIS as the Custodian. I love the interaction with the kids and they all know that if they need something I will try my best to help them. I try to use my social work skills everyday when talking to students or friends, especially if they are going through a hard time. Staying positive and helping others is something I strive to do everyday!