Radford City Schools

Employee Recognition



When visiting Radford City Schools, how was your visit?  Was it helpful?  Did you receive friendly service?  Did you have a pleasant visit?  We would like to know.  To recognize an employee who met or exceeded your expectations complete the following online form.  The form can also be found on the division webpage at www.rcps.org then click Community in the top menu. Employees will be recognized each month for their effort in providing a positive and helpful experience.  We value your opinion!




Employee recognition comments:


March 2018 - Special thanks to the businesses that donated gift cards

  • Jayne Cox - She is an excellent teacher. She makes learning fun for all of her students. She finds fun and innovative ways to teach basic skills. She is willing to step in and help in any situation. She is a valuable member of the McHarg Elementary family.


  • Daniela Brunner - I email Mrs. Brunner about my son's grades and she always is so positive and replies to me the same day and suggest things to help my son. She works with him well and she does not give up on him. It means a lot to me that she is always so supportive and encouraging in regards to my son's grades as well as always keeping me informed!


  • Kelly Wheeler - My daughter is struggling with learning to read. Mrs. Wheeler is always ready to answer my questions, give advice, and prepare activities that we can use to practice at home. She keeps us informed of things happening in her classroom by using Seesaw to send us videos and updates. She provides a positive learning environment and creates engaging lessons.


  • David Lawson - Great attitude, very helpful, always positive problem solving


  • Shannon Kessler - Shannon Kessler goes above and beyond for her students. Ms. Kessler talks to her students with great dignity and respect that shows she values them as individuals. Ms. Kessler doesn't simply teach her students, she forms strong bonds with them. Witnessing her interactions with students during the Beans and Rice After-school Program, it's clear to see they are fond of her.


  • Anne Goodman – She has been providing exceptional speech services to my son.  She's always so kind and possess a lot of patience.


February 2018 – Special thanks to the businesses that donated gift cards

  • Frank Leighton - Daily, Mr. Leighton is the friendly face that I've grown accustomed to seeing each day at drop off. No matter what the weather conditions may be, he is there to welcome my child, offer an umbrella, or simply wave to say hello each morning.


  • Heather Rowland - Ms. Rowland makes learning fun! She has a special relationship with each student. She does everything she can to help us learn and understand what she teaches. She wants us to believe in ourselves and learn from our mistakes. She called my mom when I had been absent to check on me and to make sure that I knew what to do for my make-up work.


  • Michelle Schafer - She is an excellent teacher. She works with her students to make sure they are all successful. She deserves to be recognized for all her hard work.


January 2018 – Special thanks to the businesses that donated gift cards

  • Donita Anderson – I feel like she has went above and beyond for my son when she noticed him struggling in school. Every time we have spoken or had to meet she is very positive and up lifting, just over all caring.


  • Pam Chitwood – Mrs. Chitwood has been great answering my college questions as well as sending college transcripts and recommendation letters since the start of the school year for my son. She always responds to my emails quickly and sends the needed paperwork right away. I want to thank her for her understanding and kindness since she probably heard from me weekly during October, November and December. She is amazing!


  • Josh Green – Mr. Green always stops to greet me and makes me feel welcome every time he sees me at McHarg. He recognizes me as a member of a student's family. What a joy to be greeted by his smile. I've also noticed how the children look forward to talking with him when they meet him in the hall or at lunch. He makes a tremendous contribution to the school environment.


December 2017 - Special thanks to the businesses that donated

  • David Lawson is always helpful and greets people with a smile.  Definitely should be recognized for his excellent work!
  • David Lawson is always so helpful and a pleasure to interact with every time I go to McHarg.  He’s the best!


  • Dane Eller ensures that my child could continue to grow academically when goals were achieved.  Provided a safe learning environment and responded to any questions or concerns in a timely manner.  One of my daughter’s favorite teachers!