2018-19 Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition


Radford City Schools takes pride in recognizing staff members who go above and beyond to help students, parents and community members.  Each month staff members are recognized for their outstanding efforts?  Complete the following online form to recognize an employee who met or exceeded your expectations in a particular situation.  The form can also be found on the division webpage at www.rcps.org then click Community in the top menu. We value your opinion!


Employee Recognition Form


May 2019

Skip Lawton:

  • I would love for Skip to be considered for an Employee Recognition because of his dedication to the students of Radford High School. He is always going above and beyond for the staff and the kids. Skip has made several things for the retiring staff in the school. He is the guy who you go to when something is wrong within the school and is always willing to help out. Skip is able to get the most out of some of the most challenging students. He is the ultimate team player in Radford High School. Please consider him for Teacher of the Month.
  • It’s hard to even put into words what Mr. Lawton has instilled in both my sons! My oldest son graduated last yr. and has said "The only teacher I've been back to visit is Mr. Lawton because he has mentored me throughout high school." My youngest son is a senior and as he is about to finish his high school career, I think of how "Lawton" has come up at our dinner table so many nights! When he got senioritis in a real bad way this spring, it was Mr. Lawton who took the time out of his day to call me at work and say "What’s going on, what can I do to help him? He's such a great young man with a work ethic I haven't seen in a very long time." I sure needed to be reminded this in all my frustration! I also can't help but mention how when he was just a sophomore, Mr. Lawton guided him through a huge project of building a loading desk, he exemplified what it means to invest, work hard, and then enjoy! With the help of Mr. McPeak delivering this oversize load, he was able to earn $500. This teacher not only instills instruction of building trades, but also life skills which is just as important as education. I just want to shout out "Thank You", because my boys are better men because of Skip Lawton!

April 2019

  • Brian and Tammie Dye:  they care a very large amount and are willing to go the extra mile to further answer question.
  • Michelle Schaffer: Mrs. Schaffer goes beyond for my son. She is always willing to work with him and help him. She has shown nothing but patience with him and has been encouraging and amazing to him! She is also so helpful to me when I have questions or feel clueless about math work he brings home (I know this extends to all of her students from what I have seen.). This is the first year at Belle Heth that he has enjoyed coming to school and its thanks to her. He loves her class and her as a teacher and I do also! It’s amazing what a difference a wonderful teacher makes!


March 2019

  • Darlene Lane: I can’t emphasize enough what Mrs. Lane has been for my daughter. It’s been life transforming. She’s a little bit of a tomboy, a little bit of a science nerd, loves sports, loves Jesus, but also has yet to make any really good girl friends or have confidence to be the leader that she is. This is one of the few reasons why she has lacked self-confidence. This year has been absolutely amazing. Mrs. Lane has challenged her and loved on her. I cannot even think of words “good enough” to explain how awesome she is. She is creative and brilliant in the ways she develops her students. She finds my daughter's strengths and builds off those strengths instead of highlighting where she might have weaknesses.
         My daughter has come home with a new found confidence and skills to be a leader. She wants to try harder. She wants to learn. She has a drive to be her best self and it's completely contagious to everyone she is around.
  • Gracie Duncan: Gracie has to be the nicest and greatest bus driver. She always asks about my children if they aren’t feeling well. Also she always makes my sons bus trip great. I never see her without a smile and she is most deserving of recognition.
  • Mendy Bibb: Ms. Bibb is so kind and cheerful with the students during lunch, and is efficient in ensuring the kids have ample time to enjoy the lunch experience. She is always friendly to my kids, brightening their day even when the day may be tough. I believe her outstanding efforts to brighten everyone’s day needs to be recognized. Thanks Mendy, for doing your job in such a spectacular way!



February 2019:

  • Joey Linkous:  Mr. Linkous is one of the hardest workers I have ever met, he is constantly maintaining the school property. He takes full ownership in what he does. He has the school’s best interest at heart, always going over and beyond what is expected of him. I see him maintaining the outdoor school grounds on a regular basis, helping the students with any issues they may have. Student/faculty safety is a major priority for him. Mr. Linkous has been with the school for MANY years and I do not believe he has ever been recognized for his hard work and dedication. Overall he is an amazing person and a phenomenal employee.
  • Kay Ellerman: Does a wonderful job working with my son!!! Couldn’t ask for any better!!! Love her to death!!! Thank you for all your wonderful work with my son!!!



January 2019:

Kim Newberry: 

  • Amazing with simply "rolling with the punches". When plans change, Kim is great at staying student-focused and helping whoever needs help at that time
  • Always helpful, loving, and compassionate with the students.
  • Assist students, read tests, run copies, and modify assignments.
  • Newberry goes above and beyond what's expected of her every day. For example, she is in charge of DIS' weekend backpack program. It's a program that is very important to her because she sees the dire need of some of our economically disadvantaged students. Each week, she very discreetly distributes the food backpacks to those 7th and 8th graders, so as not to embarrass them or single them out in any way.
  • She is an important contributor and helper of the Christmas store at DIS, which provides shopping opportunities for students that wouldn't otherwise be able to give their family members gifts for Christmas.  
  • Stays after school to help students in Beans & Rice. Even though she has a long ride home each day; she never misses an opportunity to help kids.



November 2018:

  • Beverly Edwards: Edward's has helped me in many way. She is one of my favorite teachers. There is always something interesting going on in her room. Mrs. Edwards has helped me with other issues at school. She helped me feel better when other girls were being mean. She is kind and caring. I feel safe in her class. Mrs. Edward's has given me confidence.
  • Gloria Boyd: Boyd always goes above and beyond for my son. He has been out sick twice since school started and both times she has took time to check on him! What an awesome teacher she is!



October 2018

  • Kimberly Reese: Mrs. Reese has gone above and beyond with my daughter by not only being the first to ask how she is doing but showing she really cares about her.  My daughter has told me Mrs, Reese really cares because she talks to her and wants to know when things are bothering her.  They can talk about different issues she is having and help her feel good about herself.  She is a special teacher to my daughter and has made a different in how comfortable she is at school and in class. 
  • Kimberly Coulson: Mrs. Coulson routinely goes out of her way to work with my son and make sure he is thriving in the classroom.  She is a wonderful communicator!
  • Kay Ellerman: Working with my child and all the children. 



September 2018

  • Josh Green: Green is the perfect example of dedication, hard work and kindness.  My son uses every excuse to "dress like Mr. Green".  Both of my kids are always say something nice about Mr. Green.  I don't know how much he is recognized but I always see him involved in things with the student.  There are no strangers to him and he is never too busy to give a smile or handshake.  He appreciate the children and answers parent’s questions.
  • Jenny Zienius: Zienius is an outstanding teacher. My son had her last year. He enjoyed her class very much and was excited to go to school. One of things that he enjoyed the most was a project he called "Economy", were the class would make things and sell them to their classmates. At the end of the project, they would see how much money they had made. He would be so excited on the days they would do this project, he would share with me what they made, how much money his group made and what group made the most. I thought this was a great project. He also liked to share that he was in Ms. Z's class and that is the best class in the whole school.



August 2018

  • George Bulson:  Mr. Bulson is always kind and friendly to my kids when they get on the bus.  It is comforting to know I am putting them in the care of someone who seems to really care about them, not just doing a job. On the first day of school, I heard him say good morning to my son and call him by name as he boarded the bus.  It was a great way to start the first day of a new school year, a smile and a friendly authentic greeting. Thanks for being a bright spot!
  • Nicole WatsonMy son Noah had to start kindergarten this year recovering from foot surgery. As a result, he has not been 100% mobile. Mrs. Watson along with the entire staff at McHarg have gone out of their way to help Noah get from place to place and enjoy his first week of school. Not all teachers would be so kind and accommodating. Thank you for being a great teacher!
  • Sandy Lenhart: She continually goes above and beyond with my son. She advocates for him and is a fantastic communicator!
  • Cindy Blankenship: Mrs. Blankenship is always helpful and patient when I've called. She has even called me back to make sure somebody responded to my needs.