2019-20 Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition


Radford City Schools takes pride in recognizing staff members who go above and beyond to help students, parents and community members.  Each month staff members are recognized for their outstanding efforts?  Complete the following online form to recognize an employee who met or exceeded your expectations in a particular situation.  The form can also be found on the division webpage at www.rcps.org then click Community in the top menu. We value your opinion!


Employee Recognition Form

December 2019:

  • Richard Fisher makes learning fun and engaging. He creates activities to help students remember content. My son talks about him in a positive way very often. He has high expectations for all students. He is an all-around standout teacher and role model for my son. We all love Mr. Fisher!


October 2019:
  • Tina Tapp - She recognized my daughter for Scholar of the month, and coordinated with the magazine interviewer to meet her at the school. She also stayed at the school throughout the entire interview process and always makes sure everything is taken care of. She has always gone above and beyond not only for my daughter, but for all students that she comes in contact with. We truly need more caring teachers like her. She gives her all always.
    For band she’s at every practice, marching band camp, and competitions, volunteering her time and money for students. Last summer she purchased clothes and shoes for a band student that she noticed marching in jeans and boots. It was hot and she made sure he had enough shorts and T-shirts to get through camp. She does things without questions for students and make them feel appreciated and care for. I’m truly honored to have her as a role model for my daughter and for myself. She never expects anything for what she does, but I feel that she really deserves some acknowledgement for some of the things she does.

  • Jessica Johnson - Jessica always takes special care of each student. She creates an environment full of fun, engaging activities that bring to life the love of learning. After being in her classroom and seeing her patience and dedication to her students, it’s very clear she is a shining light in McHarg. With a school full of amazing teachers, and for her to be new in our school, it’s amazing how perfectly she fits right in. She takes education to a higher level. Whether through her fun filled learning activities such as Bat Day, Rock your School or a Halloween paint party, she absolutely knows how to get every student’s attention. I feel so blessed my child is in her classroom. Jessica Johnson has fostered a love for learning and especially reading in my child who frequently reminds me it is “reading time”! I have no doubt she is laying the foundations for strong academic success for all of her 1st graders. The love and pride she has for teaching and her students is unmatched!

September 2019: 

  • Erin Boyd - My child has said many time how kind Mrs. Boyd is. She says she always has a smile on her face even when the boys are being a "pain". She eats breakfast each morning so I'm glad she starts her day with a friendly face and somebody who shows kindness.

  • Frank Taylor - He takes time and special interest in my child. He truly cares about his wellbeing and his life after high school!

  • Karen Radford - I am the mother of a pre-K student at McHarg. I am currently the Director of the local Probation and Pretrial office, and my job often requires me to travel numerous days at a time. He has also had neurosurgery twice at UVA, and we have a very close relationship. He has had a different first four years of his life than most children.
    While I was on a 4 day work trip, he was not having the best week. He was “lashing out” in his behaviors, not listening, overly sensitive emotionally, etc. Mrs. Radford messages me every day to let me know how his day went, what he struggled with and what POSITIVE things happened. She always emphasized what he did that was positive, which I certainly appreciate. She offered him a “calm spot” when he was simply missing me and not having a good day.
         Her constant support and communication with me enabled me to FaceTime with him every evening and discuss what was bothering him, how we could make tomorrow a better day.   
         She went above and beyond anything that she had to do. She kept me up to date throughout the week and constantly reassured my son as well. She is an outstanding teacher and my son and his classmates are blessed to have her!