Kindergarten & Preschool 2020 - 2021

Beginning the first of March, the online registration for Kindergarten will be open.  To save time parents are asked to complete the online registration portion before March 21st. This will allow more time at other stations and also assures your child won't have to wait longer then needed.  Below is a link to the registration site.
Remember to bring the required documentation.  Also read the information listed below to verify your child is eligible to register for Kindergarten.


Online Registration Form:  Click here to register for Kindergarten for the 2020-2021 school year.


Section 22.1-254 of the Code of Virginia (the compulsory attendance law) provides:

…Except as otherwise provided in this article, every parent, guardian, or other person in the Commonwealth having control or charge of any child who will have reached the fifth birthday on or before September 30 of any school year and who has not passed the eighteenth birthday shall, during the period of each year the public schools are in session and for the same number of days and hours per day as the public schools, cause such child to attend a public school or a private, denominational, or parochial school or have such child taught by a tutor or teacher of qualifications prescribed by the Board of Education and approved by the division superintendent, or provide for home instruction of such child as described in § 22.1-254.1.