Brown, Josh Brown 008

Joshua A. Brown
Special Education at Dalton Intermediate since August, 2019
Once, a long long time ago, there was an epic battle between Dragons and Unicorns (see picture below).  It ended in the eradication of all such animals (as far as we know...) and, consequently, my birth.  Ask me about it sometime.
Now on to slightly less fantastical things:
I committed to graduate from Blacksburg High School in 2001, and Liberty University in 2013 (BS in special education), and 2014 (MA in special education).  I was and am inspired to be an educator because students are awesome.  I firmly believe that every single student has something inside of them that is 100% unique, something no one else can offer.  I want to help unleash that awesomeness and aid kids in learning to believe in themselves, lead, listen and include others, and to work hard.  About the only thing that I can remember about Elementary school is playing mini hockey during recess.  If you can play any type of hockey do it; it's awesome!