Haley Smith - English 7

I've been in education since the Fall of 2020 when I started at Dalton Intermediate in the most crazy year!
I committed to graduate from Radford High School in 2016 and Radford University in 2020. Go Bobcats and Go Highlanders!
RHS Class of 2016 Radford University Class of 2020
The reason I became a teacher is to be a positive influence in our next generation. School is a place for everyone and where everyone can belong. I'm crazy enough to think that the life lessons, skills, and kindness I show to my students will make a lasting impact on their lives. 
My biggest inspiration to be a teacher came from watching my mom influence others through education. The reason I chose middle school is because my most supportive, positive teachers were my two DIS English teachers. They went above and beyond for me in some of the hardest years of my childhood.
My favorite part about the Dalton Intermediate and Radford City community is the tradition, excellence, and standard we uphold. Bobcat tradition is unlike any other. Go Bobcats! 

If you need the Google Classroom Code for your particular class, email me [email protected].


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