Parent Communications/Alerts

July 22, 2020


RCPS Letters to Families

This afternoon we mailed the following to all of our RCPS families regarding the reopening of schools in 20-21:

  1. An opening letter from Rob Graham regarding the school year 2020-2021.
  2. A Family Commitment Document for all students that will be added to the Student Code of Conduct.
  3. Assignments of Rocking Rs and Bobcats for those students opting to return with the hybrid schedule.

Please remember, at this point, the school year is scheduled to start for all students on Thursday, August 13. We can’t wait to see your smiling faces!


If you have questions or concerns regarding the information above, please contact a central office or building level administrator.

July 16, 2020

Please review the updates below and contact a central office or building administrator if you have questions or concerns.

  1. As I am sure your are already aware, RCPS school board approved a Monday/Thursday, Tuesday/Friday with a remote day for all students Wednesday (for deep cleaning, teacher collaboration/planning and office hours) reopening of school, hybrid schedule for school year 2020-2021. Part of that schedule includes a completely virtual component, Virtual Radford (VR), for those students and families who want a completely virtual option. Attached to this announcement is a letter explaining the VR program and an application for those interested in this option to fill out and return to Ellen Denny, Assistant Superintendent, via in person (1612 Wadsworth Street) or by email, Question or concerns regarding VR may also be directed to Ms. Denny via email or phone @ 540-731-3647.
  2. We are updating the working copy of our instructional plan and hope to have it to our community by early next week.
  3. We will begin  "Return to Learn" announcements starting next Wednesday. The Thursday updates will continue.  Please carefully review these "Return to Learn" announcements on Wednesdays, as well as the Thursday updates, as they will both provide our community with a great detail of information regarding the reopening of schools.