Board Goals

Board Goals 18-19        

  1. School Safety
  • Continue to work with Chief Goodman, Sheriff Armentrout and Chief Haywood in order to increase security measures and practices on all division and school campuses.
  • Work closely with all Crisis Prevention and Threat Assessment teams to ensure all campuses are safe and secure.
  • Apply for grant funding to increase security equipment (cameras, communication devices etc.) and add full-time school resource officers at McHarg and Belle Heth.
  • Research seat belts on school buses.
  • Positive prevention strategies with vulnerable students.
  1. Reaching and Maintaining Full Accreditation according to new school quality indicators
  • 75% of all RCPS students will pass Math SOL assessments.
  • 80% of all RCPS students will pass English SOL assessments.
  • Schools will maintain a current year or three year average overall absenteeism rate of no more than 15% (no more than 15% of the students missing 10% of the school year).
  • Provide personal learning for all students.
  • Virginia Index of Performance Award recipient:
    • Governor’s Award for Educational Excellence
    • Board of Education Excellence Award
    • Board of Education Distinguished Achievement Award
  1. Achievement Gap & Impact of Poverty
  • Students identified as economically disadvantaged, special education and African-American will, at the very least, reduce the failure rate by 10%. Our main goal is for the subgroups to meet accreditation percentages.
  • Embrace a collaborative culture by maximizing parent and community partnerships to support accelerated student success.
  1. 5 Year Comprehensive Plan
  • Quarterly reviews and updates of the 2015-2021 comprehensive plan with an emphasis on facilities and budget.
  • Focus on a collaborative budget process for the good of the entire school community.
    • Continue working on salary scales, especially school nutrition and custodians.
  • Continued enhancement of a global learning environment.
  • Sustain efforts towards increasing and documenting CTE course offerings and the number of certifications received by students in those course with the exploration and integration of a Health Sciences and Health Information Technology track in our CTE course descriptions.
  • Explore developing regionalized CTE programs.
  1. Professional Development
  • Continue to research what schedule would accommodate JDIS and RHS student needs in the greatest manner. We will recommend the new schedule to the board by the regular October meeting date.
  • Continue innovative and integrated professional development at all schools during the year with support provided by Radford University, Virginia Tech and New River Community College.
  1. Facility Improvements
  • Work with City Council to develop a plan to upgrade all RCPS facilities (including renovating MES with a new gym and cafeteria) to complete all recommendations listed in the facility study by 2020.
  • Institute quarterly joint meetings with City Council to work on funding for facility upgrades.
  • Innovative Center of Teaching and Learning on RHS campus (RHS).
    • Have an Innovative Teaching and Learning Center operational by 2020-2021.



Additional Board Recommendations for school year 2018-2019

  1. Develop our input to the impending “Mayor’s Educational Summit”.
  2. Follow Robert Rules of Order more consistently during board meetings.
  3. Limit presentations to 10 minutes and provide powerpoints in advance.
  4. Revise mission statement to include 5 C’s.
  5. Revise SCC to make reader friendly.
  6. Researched based instruments for gifted identification.