Special Education: Annual Review

Annual Review
Radford City Schools shall ensure that the IEP team reviews the child's IEP periodically, but not less than annually, to determine where the annual goals are being achieved and to revise its provisions, as appropriate, to address:
a. Any lack of expected progress toward the annual goals and in the general curriculum if appropriate;
b. The results of any reevaluation conducted;
c. Information about the child provided by the parent or parents;
d. Information about the child's anticipated needs
Purpose: To annually review the student's IEP/placement and affirm the appropriateness of continued placement or recommend a change in the special education program. It is the responsibility of the principal or special education teacher to schedule the IEP annual review. The same notice and due procedural safeguards guarantees shall be followed in conduction the IEP annual reviews as are followed in conducting the initial IEP conference. During the annual review meeting the following activities should occur:
1. introduction of participants and their roles;
2. discussion of the purpose of the meeting;
3. discussion of the child's progress to date;
4. determination of the current level of functioning;
5. determination of goals;
6. development of objectives and evaluation criteria;
7. completion of the IEP;
8. discussion of services;
9. placement decision; and parent signature obtained.
Please refer to the Radford City Schools Special Education Procedural Manual for information about the Annual Review. This document is located in the Six Year Plan in the principals office.