Special Education: Standards of Learning Tests


All students in tested grade levels and courses are expected to participate in Virginia’s assessment program, unless specifically exempted by state or federal law or by Board of Education regulations. Virginia’s assessment system includes students with disabilities and limited English proficient (LEP) students. Students with disabilities and LEP students may take Standards of Learning tests with or without accommodations or they may be assessed through alternate or alternative assessments. The tests that comprise the Virginia Assessment Program are offered in English only; administration of the tests in other languages is not permitted.

VDOE offers the following guidance regarding the assessment of students with disabilities and/or limited English proficiency:

  • The document Procedures for Participation of Students with Disabilities in Virginia's Accountability System has been updated and reorganized into two documents as follows:

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The administration of Standards of Learning (SOL) assessments is a cooperative effort involving the VDOE and educators and administrators in the commonwealth’s 132 school divisions. Key division-level and school-level personnel include:

  • Division Director of Testing – The Division Director of Testing (DDOT) serves as the point of contact between the school division and VDOE. The DDOT has division-wide responsibility for implementation of SOL test procedures.
  • School Test Coordinator – The School Test Coordinator (STC) serves as the point of contact between the DDOT and the school. The STC is also responsible for ensuring that all procedures required for the SOL tests are implemented within the school and for maintaining the security of test materials.
  • Test Examiner – Test examiners are responsible for administering the SOL tests according to procedures and for maintaining the security of SOL test materials.
The SOL tests have become the standard of measurement for all students and play an important role in the curriculum and instruction that will be provided to your child. Knowledge of the Standard of Learning Objectives and Tests will provide you with important information when you attend IEP meetings. Your child must be taught these objectives in order to be successful on the SOL tests. Parents of Special Education and 504 students should be aware of the impact these tests have on your child's future. The more information you know about the accommodations and alternative tests available the more prepared you will be when you attend an IEP meeting and make decisions impacting your child's future. It is everyone's responsibility to understand the accommodations and the alternative tests available. Each year a schedule of SOL testing is provided so that we can begin to plan and implement testing. The following links will provide you a calendar of the SOL tests for the current school year: