Radford City Schools

Student Services: Homebound Instruction

Homebound instruction
Homebound instruction shall be made available to students who are confined at home or in a health care facility for periods that would prevent normal school attendance based upon certification of need by a licensed physician or licensed clinical psychologist. For students eligible for special education or related services, the Individualized Education Program committee must revise the IEP, as appropriate, to direct off-site instruction.
For information about Homebound services click on the link below.
This handbook has been developed to provide guidance for school divisions in the provision of homebound instructional services to students who are confined at home or in a health care facility. For the purposes of homebound instructional services, “confined at home or in a health care facility” means the student is unable to participate in the normal day-to-day activities typically expected during school attendance; and absences from home are infrequent, of relatively short duration, or to receive health care treatment.
If you interested in finding out if your child is eligible for Homebound Instruction contact the administrator at your child's school.  The school administrator will provide you with a form and explain the process.   You can download the form at the bottom of the page.
Dr. Michael Brown      Principal   McHarg Elementary School                               540-731-3696
Tara Grant                   Principal   Belle Heth Elementary School                          540-731-3653
Ken Keister                 Assistant   Principal Belle Heth Elementary School           540-731-3653 
Jerry King                    Principal  John Dalton Intermediate School                       540-731-3651
Jeff Smith                    Principal   Radford High School                                         540-731-3649
Darden Freeman         Assistant   Principal Radford High School                         540-731-3649
If you have any questions you can also contact David Sable, Director of Pupil Services at dsable@rcps.org or call 540-267-3223.