Special Education: Written Prior Notice

Understanding Prior Written Notice
The purpose of providing prior written notice to a parent is to:
• provide comprehensive documentation of the proposed and refused actions made;
• make sure the LEA and the parents are “on the same page” about a child’s educational program;
• provide the parents with an opportunity to voice any concerns or suggestions;
• provide sufficient information to ensure that the parent understands the rationale behind an LEA’s decision making regarding a particular          proposed or refused action;
• ensure that informed parental consent is obtained, as necessary;
• assist the parent in determining the basis for any disagreement(s) with the proposed and/or refused actions addressed in the prior written  notice and whether to seek resolution of any dispute through local dispute resolution procedures, a state complaint, mediation or a due process hearing. Additionally, the U.S. Department of Education (USED) Office
Below are links to information provided to special education staff and administrators regarding Prior Written Notice.