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Screening/Referral/ Identification/Placement /Services

Becky Dangerfield, Gifted Coordinator
Radford City Public Schools
(540) 731-3649, ext. 6619
Annual Screening
Once all spring testing appointments are filled, the coordinator begins collecting names for the following fall's annual screening.  Teachers are encouraged to review their records of student grades and scores from outside assessments (such as the Standards of Learning) and to preview the files attached to this page as they consider which student names to forward to the coordinator. Teachers should keep in mind that a student need not exhibit every characteristic of a gifted learner to be considered gifted, and that those students from diverse backgrounds or who have co-existing learning challenges must be evaluated in the context of their diversity.  The Identification Rubric makes allowances for students from diverse populations and those who may be twice-exceptional.  
Please note:  the Standards of Learning scores are acceptable measures for determining which students to screen, but are not nationally norm-referenced and cannot be used in the identification process.

Anyone may request a determination of a student's eligibility for gifted services by requesting a Referral Form   (see Forms).  Return completed forms to:
Becky Dangerfield, Gifted Coordinator
Radford High School
50 Dalton Drive
Radford, VA  24141
Obtaining Permission
The coordinator contacts parent(s)/guardian(s) for permission to screen and administer nationally norm-referenced achievement and aptitude testing.  Referral forms can be downloaded from the "Forms" page on this site.
Assessment and Identification
The results of data collection (test scores, grades, and teacher-completed student evaluations) are documented on the selection rubric.  The results are reviewed by the Identification and Placement Committee, which identifies students who score at least eleven (11) out of fifteen (15)  points on the matrix.  This process may take up to ninety (90) instructional days from the time parental permission is received until the committee meets and determines if the student is eligible for gifted services.  Permission for screening/testing can be downloaded from the "Forms" page on this site. Testing is scheduled to be administered from the beginning of second six weeks through the end of fifth six weeks.  
The coordinator notifies parent(s)/guardian(s) in writing of the eligibility decision of the Identification and Placement committee within five instructional days of the committee's decision. Parents have the right to appeal to the gifted coordinator and the school principal by mailing a letter to the coordinator within ten days of their receipt of the coordinator's notification of eligibility. 
The student is placed upon the coordinator's receipt of the parent's/guardian's written permission for the student to receive services.  The coordinator notifies the classroom teacher, guidance counselor, and school principal of the student's placement.  Permission for services forms can be downloaded from the "Forms" page on this site.
Elementary students receive differentiated instruction from the classroom teacher, who documents differentiation in an annual D.E.P. (Differentiated Education Plan).  A copy of the D.E.P. is shared with parents and a copy is placed in the student's files.  Parents receive end-of-semester reports of individual student progress.  McHarg kindergarten students receive enrichment through reading sessions with the school librarian and/or math sessions with the Information Technology teacher. Belle Heth students receive enrichment through available before-school clubs and activities.   
Secondary students receive differentiated instruction from the classroom teacher in English (seventh and eighth grades), and through accelerated math courses (beginning with the opportunity to take Algebra I before high school).  High school students choose advanced, Advanced Placement, and dual enrollment courses in their areas of identification and interest.
Dalton students participate in the Brown Bag Book Club, occasional enrichment trips, the National Geographic Bee, the American Mathematics Competition (AMC 8), and ReadiStep testing.  High school students participate in the American Mathematics Competition (AMC 12), academic-year Governor's School, and Summer State or Regional Residential Governor's Schools.  Dalton students may elect to take seventh grade Critical Thinking.  High school juniors and seniors may elect to take Independent Study.
Contact Becky Dangerfield at bdangerfield@rcps.org for more information.