Parent Portal Information

Parent Portal FAQ
1. What is the PowerSchool Parent Portal?
The Parent Portal offers real-time access to student grades and
attendance. Parents can easily communicate with teachers and request
information regarding grades and attendance. Information can be sent via
email on a regular basis.
2. How do I access the Parent Portal?
Use the link on the school webpage or division webpage (
The address is
3. Is the system secure?
Yes, very secure. Each parent is assigned a unique login for each child.
It’s very important to keep the login information confidential.
4. Do I need a separate login for each of my children?
No, you will establish your own login as a parent then join the students unique login to that.  
Each student will have a unique login as well.
5. What can I see on the Parent Portal site from home?
• Grades for the current grading period and past marking periods.
• Attendance for the past two weeks or for the whole marking period.
• Teacher comments. This includes comments for each assignment or final
• School bulletins
• Alert settings
6. Will I still receive a report card each marking period?
Yes, the Parent Portal is not intended to take place of report cards.
7. What does M1, M2, M3, E1, and S1 stand for?
• M1 identifies the first six weeks
• M2 identifies the second six week
• E1 identifies the exam at the end of the first semester
• S1 identifies the first semester grade
8. How often will information be updated?
Attendance is updated daily. An absence will be updated during the day to
reflect a tardy after the student checks in at the office. Teachers will update or
post grades on a regular bases. Essays and research papers may take longer to
9. What should I do if I forget my login information?
Contact your child's school and request a new parent letter to be
generated with the login information. The letters will be either mailed home or sent home with
the student. Login information will not be given out over the phone.