Bell Schedule, School Hours, and Arrival/Dismissal Procedures


Dalton Intermediate School


Open House
4 -7 pm - August 24, 2022

First Day of School

August 29, 2022 


Arrival & Dismissal Protocol 


                                                        Doors open            Tardy Bell         Dismissal

                                Monday:       7:30 am             8:00 am           3:00 pm

                                Tuesday:      7:30 am             8:00 am           3:00 pm

                                Wednesday: 8:00 am             9:00 am           3:00 pm

                                Thursday:     8:00 am             9:00 am           3:00 pm

                                 Friday:          7:30 am            8:00 am           3:00 pm



Arrival (Drop-off)

Arrival will continue to be in the back of the school as it has in previous years.  Cars will enter the campus off of Dick Davis Drive (road leading into the back of RHS). Cars should bear to the right and stay behind the car in front of you. This line will loop around to the crosswalk from the parking lot to the King Center. Multiple cars will unload students at the same time.  Wait in line until your car is parallel to the Armory to release your student.

Parents and guardians should not drop off students on the opposite side of the road closest to the football field. Staff will be arriving during this time and will be parking in this area. 

After 8:00 am
Once the tardy bell rings, the chain will be connected across the road between the King Center and Main Gym.
Cars will no longer be allowed to drop off in this area. Students will need to be dropped off in the front of the school at the main office and checked in.

Dismissal (Pick-up) at 3:00 pm

To pick students up in the afternoon, cars will need to park in the back of the school next to the gravel lot by the Armory.  Cars should do their best to park in a parking space and/or in an orderly fashion while waiting on students to arrive.  Do not park in the spaces that are on the stadium side of the parking lot.  These spaces are reserved for staff.  

Thank you for abiding by these guidelines. We are doing all we can to keep students, staff, and families safe.