Radford City Schools

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Mission & Goals


Affirming that all children are unique individuals with varying abilities and talents, we, the faculty and staff of McHarg Elementary School firmly believe that it is our responsibility as educators to provide an environment in which each student can attain his/her maximum potential in academic, social and individual development. We prize the unique worth of each individual and stress acceptance of differences; we emphasize cooperation with, and concern for, others; and we encourage a sense of commitment toward the larger community by striving for a caring and nurturing environment with the school.

We believe that if children are to be encouraged to develop to their fullest potential, it is imperative that they be equipped with not only the basic skills to be successful learners, but also with challenges and experiences that foster social, emotional, physical, and moral growth. These challenges, however, must be founded on the secure mastery of basic skills that are taught not only in isolation but also integration with one another. We place strong emphasis on reading, self-expression and ideas, and the mastery of computational and problem-solving skills. We seek to provide a challenging, yet flexible, curriculum which meets the immediate educational needs of each student, provides a foundation for future education, and develops in our students a broader sense of the world and a respect for cultures different from our own.

We further believe that children are a vital part of our changing and expanding world and that they need to develop the skills and attitudes necessary for responsible citizenship. To aid children in developing these skills, it is the school’s responsibility to serve as an integral part of the community by fostering a relationship with family members and the citizenry at large. Through consistent implementation of these ideals, we can continue to strive for an instructional program which will enable each child to progress successfully throughout the education process, and to develop fully as a contributing member of society.



    • Clear academic mission
    • Strong, effective academic leadership
    • Frequent monitoring of student progress and follow-up
    • Safe, orderly, caring school environment
    • A committed and involved community