Radford City Schools

Family Life Curriculum

A comprehensive and sequential Family Life Curriculum was mandated by the Virginia General Assembly and incorporated into the Code of Virginia in 1987 and has been revised thereafter.
The Radford City School Board has approved the Family Life Curriculum to be taught in Radford City Schools. A copy of the Family Life Curriculum is located in the McHarg school library.
Sensitive Family Life Standards - These standards will not be taught at school, but rather left to the parent to discuss with his/her child:
1.6 The student will realize that human beings and other mammals have babies and that the babies can be breast-fed.
1.7 The student will use correct terminology when talking about body parts and functions.

2.3 The student will become aware that babies grow inside the mother's body in a special place called the uterus.
To see all of the Standards of Learning for the Family Life curriculum, go to the Virginia Department of Education's section on Family Life