Radford City Schools

Statement of Philosophy

Statement of Philosophy:

1. That the real concern of teaching is to direct the growth and development of each pupil to enable him to become a happy well-adjusted member of society with a sense of personal worth and dignity.

2. That each pupil should acquire competence in using the fundamental learning skills and acquire basic knowledge needed for participation in today's society.

3. That each student should begin to acquire skills and knowledge needed for education or employment beyond high school.

4. That the school should help its pupils to develop attitudes, sound values and moral concepts that lead to responsible participation as a citizen.

5. That each pupil should develop an understanding of his relationship to his ecological, physical, economic, and social environment.

6. That our school should make each pupil aware of the rapid changes in our world and help them to understand and appreciate people of different nationalities and ethnic groups and their contributions to our nation and culture.

7. That each pupil should develop personal habits for continuing physical and mental health.

8. That every child should appreciate beauty and understand its contribution to everyday life.

9. That each pupil is an individual having a personality distinctly his own, and that every pupil should be taught according to his varying interests and abilities.