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SOL Practice & TEI Resources
 Spring 2017 - All tests will be delivered in TestNav 8

The table below summarizes the tests taken by grade level and type. 

Grade 3

Grade 4

Grade 5

Grade 6

Grade 7

Grade 8

End of Course




Reading CAT

Reading CAT

Reading CAT




Reading (English)

Math CAT

Math CAT

Math CAT

Math CAT

Math CAT

Math CAT

Algebra I


Algebra II


Virginia Studies


Civics & Economics

World History I

World History II

VA & US History





Earth Science



 Adapted from: https://www.lcps.org/Page/794      
CAT tests are Computer Adaptive Tests. CAT tests are shorter than the standard tests since they have the ability to select questions for students based on performance. The most important difference for the students to understand is that they may not go back and revisit a question nor may they skip questions. 

 VDOE highly recommends that educators read the overall and introductory .pdf documents PRIOR to reading or administering the Guided Practice Suggestions. 

It is highly recommended that teachers or other adults read the introduction documents prior to reading the Guided Practice Suggestions:

These guided practice suggestions are designed to be used in conjunction with the practice items. Please download the TN8 applicationThis link takes you out of the Virginia Department of Education website to access the practice items for each course prior to opening the guide.

Guided Practice Suggestions for Mathematics Practice Item Sets

Mathematics Tools Practice (PDF)
Grade 7 (PDF)  
Grade 8 (PDF)  
Geometry (PDF)  
Algebra I (PDF)  
Algebra II (PDF)  

Guided Practice Suggestions for Reading Practice Item Sets

Grade 7 (PDF)  
Grade 8 (PDF)  
EOC Reading (PDF)  
  Tabbed Passages Demonstration (PDF)

Guided Practice Suggestions for Writing Practice Item Sets and the Writing Tool

Grade 8 Writing (PDF)
Grade 8 Practice Writing Tool (PDF)
End of Course Writing (PDF)
End of Course Practice Writing Tool (PDF)

Guided Practice Suggestions for Science Practice Item Sets

Grade 8 (PDF)   Earth Science (PDF)  
Biology (PDF)  
Chemistry (PDF)  

Guided Practice Suggestions for History & Social Science Practice Item Sets

Virginia Studies (PDF) Civics & Economics (PDF)
EOC History (PDF)  

Student Resources (closer to TestNav 7 format, but excellent practice) 
       Technology Enhanced Items for all grade levels from Allen Teachers.
Link for Interactive Achievement: https://ontrac.interactiveachievement.net/The Virginia Department of Education Banner
Teacher Direct - The goal of TeacherDirect is to provide a way to share new instructional resources created by VDOE staff as well as make teachers aware of professional development and grant opportunities, and other information of special interest to teachers and their students.