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5) Ownership, Copyright, Piracy

Ownership, Copyright, Piracy
Objective: Students will explore the concepts of ownership, copyright, and piracy.

ownership, copyright, creator, intellectual property, copyright laws, value, creativity, piracy, public domain, paraphrasing

Basic Concepts:

  • Copying or downloading full documents, pictures, movies, and songs from the Internet without credit and quotation marks, paraphrasing, is piracy.
  • Ideas on paper or in a digital format are “intellectual properties” and must be quoted or cited. (ex. scanned, downloaded, saved, posted on the internet, personal work, copied and pasted, etc.)
  • Many people make their living by writing articles, stories, music, and movie scripts and when these things are illegally copied, it is the same as stealing. 
  • Short bits of music may be used legally. An entire song may not.

All Grade Levels (nice intro or review):
Fair Use Rules to Print:
3rd Grade:
Download, show, and discuss the Copyright For Kids file.
(Thank you to Jennifer Presley for letting us use your file.) 
4th Grade: 
Download, show, and discuss the modified Copyright Basics by Micheal Lorenzen file (see attachments at bottom of this page).
(Thank you again to Jennifer Presley for finding this file.)
5th Grade:
- Download, print, and xerox (two sided) the Word .doc attached at bottom of this page - "A Fair_y_ Use Tale - Worksheet answers.doc". Have the students pre-read each "chapter" prior t watching that section. (You may want to have students circle the "answer words" as they hear them.)
- Pause between each chapter of A Fair(y) Use Tale (10:14mins) so the students can finish circling answers or ask questions.

- Additionally, there is a SmartNotebook file (linked below) that may be used to reenforce the vocabulary and concepts in the video. Right click and Save Link As before opening it.
6th Grade:
Copyright and Fair Use Animation (2:30mins)  - Open or save from here 
Discuss Easybib.com as a resource for citing information
Web Search Strategies (+-4mins) - http://www.commoncraft.com/video/web-search-strategies 
See links on the SOL Resources, Students page to find images to be copied