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Internet Safety Home

Radford City Schools Internet Safety Curriculum for Our Students has One Goal: 
To provide students with a technology environment that will provide both 
academic success and Internet safety education. 

Six objectives to address our goal:

1) Students will learn proper etiquette ("netiquette") associated with various types of online communities and dialogue. 
2) Students will understand the meaning of the term "cyberbully," the types of cyberbullying, and strategies for dealing with cyberbullies. 
3) Students will understand the meaning of the term "Internet predator" and identify the risks associated with chat rooms and social networking sites.

4) Students will learn what constitutes personal information and understand when and where it is safe to share personal information.  
5) Students will explore the concepts of ownership, copyright, and piracy.
 6) Students will learn about types of Internet based activities (gaming, email, file-sharing) and how to address the unique dangers these activities can present. 
Guidelines and Resources for Internet Safety in Schools
Virginia public schools provide age-appropriate instruction in Internet safety and all of the commonwealth's school divisions are required to develop acceptable Internet use policies. The Virginia Department of Education assists by developing guidelines for instructional programs related to Internet safety and by providing technical assistance to school divisions in the development of policies to protect children from cyber bullying, online abuse and other dangers.