Dana Ratcliffe 

Director of Information Technology and Communications


I committed to graduate from Radford High School in 1980.  I continued my education at New River Community College then later as an adult transferred to Radford University.  I have an aunt, Dr. Betty Henry, and great-aunt, Naomi Brooks who were both educators and great role models.  Aunt Betty inspired me to continue my education after my children were born by watching her work towards a doctoral degree in education, working full time and taking care of her family.  When my family moved from California to Virginia she let me help her clean her classroom for the summer break.  I remember thinking it was the greatest thing to have a classroom to decorate and call hers.  I started working in technology but later in life incorporated education into my career by being one of the first to work in the newly established computer lab at Belle Heth.  From there I moved to the central office where I currently am in charge of student data.


Iā€™m looking forward to new and innovative technology that will be available to students and staff.  The new middle and high school scheduling model will allow student to explore different areas of technology in and outside of the classroom.


1612 Wadsworth Street
Radford, Va  24141

(540) 267-3310   Office
(540) 731-4419   Fax

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