Charleen Jordan

Charleen Jordan
Radford City Schools since 2003
Education Evaluator 
FAPT Case Manager
K-12 Teacher/Coordinator English as a Second Language 
Since becoming a member of Radford City Schools faculty, I have been fortunate to have served as an Education Evaluator for  the Special Education Department, a Family Assessment Planning Team member (FAPT), and  an English Language Teacher/Coordinator. 
I committed to graduate from Pulaski County High School in 1985, Wesleyan College (BA) International Relations 1989, and California State University (BS) Elementary Education 2001.  While teaching English to Japanese students during an exchange program, I became inspired by the students' enthusiasm for learning how to speak, read, and write in a new language.  Since that time, I have continued to be enthused when learning about different cultures and languages from my students and their families.  I am dedicated to  reaching out to diverse families and finding ways to support their needs both within the school and in the community.  
This year I am looking forward to continue serving our students as an Education Evaluator, FAPT Case Manager, and an English Language Teacher/ Coordinator. My goal is to help students develop into confident and successful learners for life. 
Updated May 18, 2020
Week #1: Click the link below for Resources for ELL students, families and educators

Resources for learning about the Coronavirus:

Locations to be tested for COVID-19


RCPS Continuity of Services Link

Resources for language practice and learning:   

  • Language Learning Software:

o   Duo Lingo: Free and available as a phone application

o   Mango Tango: Free through thousands of public libraries, schools, and other community organizations

  • Games and Activities focused mainly on grammar skills or vocabulary practice:

o   ABCYa: Free Subscription available for 1 device

o   English Media Lab: Online exercises

o   ESL Games: Vocabulary and grammar games for beginning and intermediate ELs

o   Language Guide: Focus on general vocabulary with speaking and listening challenges

o   Learning Chocolate: Focus on general vocabulary and phonics with audio and visuals

o   Turaco: Games for Math, Science, and ESL

o   USA Learns: Video lessons and courses

Reading Resources (for phonics, leveled passages, audio, and various languages and cultures)