3-27-2020  RCPS has published it's Continuity of Learning 2019-2020 to extend learning opportunities to students regarding material that had not been taught before the mandated school closure.  See "Continuity of Learning 2019-2020" to the right of this message.  More information about assignments, teacher office hours, and grading can be found there.  
Additional information about the school closure and its impact on instruction and assessment can be found at the Virginia Department of Education (http://www.doe.virginia.gov/)
To the RCPS School Community - We really miss seeing, listening to, talking to, and laughing with our students.  While the Continuity of Learning is a priority, it is our students' and our families' well-being that we most think of at this time.  We are hopeful that the communication from the division, the schools, and the teachers has been comforting to you and your children.  Unfortunately, there is no playbook, set of rules or an instructional handbook guiding us right now.  The Virginia Department of Education has been an outstanding resource, as has the Virginia Department of Health and our local city officials.  So, first and foremost, we hope everyone is healthy and fed.  Our web page, www.rcps.org, has posted the food distribution for your convenience.  You will find it under "Recent News."
Another posting under "Recent News" on the web page is the Continuity of Learning (COL) Plan.  During this time, we want to share with you online learning platforms that your child can access to reinforce at home the instruction that occurs in the classroom  The COL is focused on Reading and Math and is there for you to refer to in an effort to keep your child reading (Newsela, 3rd-12th) and maintaining math skills (IXL Math, 2nd-Algebra I).   Your child should be familiar with these two programs.  If you should have questions about these platforms, please reach out to your child's classroom or content teacher.   
You may have noticed that these programs do not include Preschool, kindergarten or 1st grade.  These levels of a child's school career most definitely require the face to face reinforcement of academic skills and concepts.  I encourage parents to read with their child, reread with their child, read to their child, and do it all over again.  At this time, parents/guardians are our best learning opportunity for emergent readers.  Just reading with your child for 20 minutes a day will help them to hear over 1.8 million words a year.  And check out the Title teacher's web sites as they have ideas to guide parents during this time.  
For math, all students benefit from reviewing the basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division facts.  Both accuracy and fluency are important and it would benefit your child to memorize the facts.  Being able to recall them correctly and quickly is important so please take this time to review them daily.  Again, this is good for all students K-9th grade.
The COL has a tab dedicated to each school and their staff members.  We will be updating that as more resources become available.  Please know that at this time, we are mindful that not all students have internet access, that students learn different from each other, and that we and most of our students prefer face to face instruction.  It is because of these factors that Radford City Schools will not be grading work completed during these two weeks.  But please have your child engage daily with the learning opportunities that both RCPS as a division and as individual teachers are providing.  This is very important.  Academic growth can be made during this time.  
And last, but not least, it is important to keep students writing.  This is great time to journal.  What is happening in our world is unprecedented.  A child's view of these events and how their life and the life of those around them are impacted makes for a memorable piece of journalism.  
By now, all families/students should have received communication from at least one of their teachers.  All RCPS teachers should have resources on their own website that can support learning at home.  Please check out our teachers's websites as you may find additional opportunities to keep your child connected to and engaged in learning.  
Our thoughts continue to be with all of our students, teachers, staff members, families, guardians and school community members.  Again, we miss our students and look forward to having them return to school in the very near future!  

Ellen Denny
Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum and Instruction
Endorsed in Administration and Supervision PreK-12, Developmental Reading, Early Education NK-4, Elementary School Counselor
I committed to graduate from Colonial Heights High School in 1981.  I also committed to graduate from Longwood University in 1985 and Radford University in 1992 and 2005. I have spent 34 years in education and was inspired to chose teaching as a career after a course in child development during my freshman year in college. It was my reading courses that sealed the deal and I have never considered anything but public education since that time!  
I am looking forward to the 2019-2020 school year to finally implement the middle/secondary hybrid schedule.  I am excited to see the schedule at work, the opportunities that OneLunch will afford students, and a Power Hour that provides teachers common planning time and professional development!  Challenges and creative solutions are inevitable!