Radford City Schools


Nov. 12, 2018


Dear Families, 


This week our fall focus is on family.  Please send in printed pictures or email pictures of your child with his or her family this week to kradford@rcps.org.  The sooner the better!  If printed copies are sent in, they will be returned by Friday.


We will continue to practice patterns this week and will introduce the terms short and long.   Students will be shown real math tools and pictures of math tools and will begin to see what each tool is used for (calendar, ruler, clock, measuring cup, scale, and thermometer).


Our letters for this week are Cc and Kk!  The students enjoy matching uppercase and lowercase letters as well as finding the letters in their names.  Letters learned thus far: As, Ss, Pp, Tt, and Ii.


Next week, we only have school Monday and Tuesday.


Two important papers will come home in your child’s folder today.  One is about the mobile dentist visiting McHarg and the other is about our field trip in December to a play at Radford University.  


Fun Friday: Dress up as what you want to be when you grow up


Upcoming Events:

Nov. 12-16:  Family week: Please send in or email family pictures

Nov. 21-23:  No School

Dec. 3:  Field trip to RU Play Stuart Little

Dec. 17 and 18:  Mobile Dentist at McHarg


Foundation Blocks for this week:


2a) Use size words to describe people, places, and things.

4a) Identify and name uppercase and lowercase letters in random order.

4f) Notice letters in familiar everyday context.

6c) Copy or write letters using various materials.

6e) Begin to use correct manuscript letter formation.


3a) Recognize attributes of length by using the terms longer or shorter.

6b) Identify and explore simple patterns, i.e., AB, AB; red, blue, red, blue.

6c) Use patterns to predict relationships between objects, i.e., the blue shape follows the yellow shape, the triangle follows the square.

Personal Social

1a) Demonstrate knowledge of personal information including first and last name, gender, age, birthday, parents’ names, teacher’s name, school name, town or city where they live, and street name. c) Recognize self as a unique individual and respect differences of others.


1a) Recognize ways in which people are alike and different. b) Describe his/her own unique characteristics and those of others. c) Make the connection that he/she is both a member of a family and a member of a classroom community.

2a) Describe ways children have changed since they were babies. b) Express the difference between past and present using words such as before, after, now, and then. g) Describe past times based on stories, pictures, visits, songs, and music.


Excellence in Education; Every student, Every day!