Radford City Schools


May 21, 2018


Dear Parents,          


Tuesday, May 22nd, is Spring Fun Day.  Due to weather concerns, it has been moved to the Radford Recreation Center.  Please complete the permission form sent home over the weekend to enable your child to attend this event.  Students need to wear shorts and socks to be able to play on the inflatables. We will be attending in the afternoon; therefore, we will not take a nap on Tuesday.       


Friday May 25th is the last day of school.  Students will be dismissed two hours early. We will have our end of the year program at 10:00 AM.  Please make sure to return the form sent home over the weekend to let us know how many people will be able to come and how you want your child dismissed on the last day of school.  Report cards will come home in your child’s folder on the last day of school. Rest materials will be sent home on Thursday since there will not be a nap on Friday.

Preschoolers will be participating in Step Up day on the last day of school.  The students will get to visit the classroom of their future kindergarten teachers.  This will take place before our program.


The McHarg preschool department is offering a Full STEAM Ahead to Kindergarten Camp for rising kindergarteners this summer.  Please return the application that was sent home over the weekend if you are interested in your child attending.


I am still missing a few of the books sent home with the Book Bag Program.  If your child is missing his or her book, a notice has been sent home with the title of the book listed.  If you find the book, please send it in your child’s folder one day this week.


Yearbooks have not been passed out yet.  When they are given to me, I will send them home in the folders of the students who have ordered them.  Yearbooks will not be signed by students or teachers until a request is made by parents! If you ordered a yearbook and want it signed, please send in a note!

Lastly, what a pleasure it has been to be a part of your child’s education.  I have enjoyed teaching them and learning from them! I look forward to waving to them next year in their kindergarten lines. Thank you for all you did to help your child have a meaningful, successful preschool experience.   I hope everyone has a wonderful summer full of learning experiences. There are many things you can do over the summer to help your child stay ready for kindergarten. I have included a few ways below; please know these are just a few suggestions and there are many other ways too!


   Read, Read, Read!!!!

Read with your child daily; ask your child to point as you read the words.   Encourage your child to read to you (even if it is made up or just a retelling of a familiar story). Talk about the story while you are reading it and after you finish reading.  Make predictions about what will happen in the story.   


 Play with the Alphabet

Sing the ABC song as you point to the letters. Find letters around the house or in the store. Point out familiar signs and the words on the signs in the car as you travel.  Play memory and match games with letters written on paper. Match uppercase to lowercase letters. Review letter sounds through song and activities. Use magnetic or foam letters to make words.  Have your child identify the beginning sounds in all family members’ names.



Sing Nursery Rhymes. Read rhyming stories and discuss what words rhyme. Make up silly rhymes.  Say a word and ask the child to think and say a word that rhymes with your word.



Encourage your child to color, write, and draw.  Have them make a grocery list as you make one and try to sound out the words to inventive spell the items on the list.  Practice writing their name, letters, words they see around them, and numbers.



Engage in math activities with your child.  Count objects around the house. Recite numbers as you drive in the car.  Create a matching game of printed numerals to the correct number of drawn objects.  Recognize numbers around

the house or environment.



Have meaningful conversations with your children.  Ask your child about his or her day. Ask your child to think of what is needed for what you are doing that day.



Board games, imagination games, playing on the playground, card games, and games with other children will help your child remember how to take turns, share, and interact appropriately.


Scissor practice

Cut playdough with plastic scissors.  Cut out simple shapes. Draw lines on a piece of paper and ask your child to cut them out.


. Excellence in Education:  Every student, Every day!