Radford City Schools


Welcome to Our Library!
McHarg Elementary School Library has over 8,000 items including books, videotapes, books on CD, DVD's and other audio visual materials. These materials are available for check-out by students and faculty.
The library is open each day fro 8:30-3:30. Preschool, Kindergarten and First grade classes visit the library once a week. Second grade classes visit twice a week. Instruction is given on literature appreciation, library skills, and research strategies. Second grade is given instruction on cursive writing. 
The mission of the library is to provide materials, which implement, enrich, and support our educational program. The center strives to develop students into lifelong readers and users of information by:
  • Promoting reading and literature appreciation
  • Teaching information literacy skills
  • Providing access to intellectual resources
  • Fostering critical thinking and independent learning
  • Encouraging student responsibility
Returning library books on time and in good condition is very important at McHarg. It is the student's responsibility to return his or her books on the due date. However, I ask parents to help their children by reminding them. as an educational institution, we greatly value our literature. We want to provide the most comprehensive collection possible to our students. In order to do this, it is imperative that students take care of the books they borrow and return them in a timely manner. We often have only one copy of a popular book and making other children wait for a child to return a book, is often frustrating. Please help your child keep the love of reading flowing by:
  • reading your child's library book together
  • encouraging your child to take special care of his or her book
  • reminding your child to return his or her book on library day
Please understand that if your child has a book that is overdue, she or he must wait to check out a new one until the overdue book is returned. If the book is lost or damaged, we do ask for you t o either send in a replacement or money to purchase a new one.