Michelle Saunders
Elementary Art Teacher, K-6
I started teaching in Radford in 1984.

I committed to graduate from Radford High School in 1978.
I also C2G and received my undergraduate degree from Concord College, Athens, WV in 1981
and went on to earn my Master in Art Education from Radford University, Radford, VA.
Endorsed Art Pre-K-12th

Welcome :) 

It's going to be a great year.  

Some of my favorite things…
Smiles, Laughter, Family, Great Friends, My Students, Church, Good Food and Old Movies
I grew up in Radford and attended the old Kuhn Barnett Elementary School. I was a Red Devil cheerleader and had to sew my own uniform in order to participate.
I remember my first grade teacher Miss. Young.  She was young, pretty and smelled really nice.
My second grade teacher allowed me to draw, a lot.  She would put paper on the bulletin board and when we finished our work, we could add to the ongoing mural.  My third grade teacher read to us everyday.  My favorite stories were about the adventures of Raggedy Anne and Andy.  In fourth grade, I got my first mini dress.  It was red.  My fifth grade teacher was all business.  I was scared of her.  And in sixth grade we got to switch classes.  Mrs. Barclay taught us how to diagram sentences.  And we learned "New Math" with Mr. Fritzpatrick.  Seventh grade was part of the elementary school.  Eight grade was part of the high school.  In High School at RHS, I was active in art classes, cheerleading, track and yearbook.
can be reached fastest during the school year at msaunders.rcps.org, Thanks.
Throughout the year we use various “junk” items.
If you have and can donate any of the following, it is much appreciated.  Thank you!!!
metal clothes hangers
Paper towel rolls
Styrofoam egg cartons
Plastic containers with or without lids – Clean please
Clean, empty cereal boxes
“Junk” jewelry
Brown Paper Bags
Wood scraps
Fabric Scraps
Old magazines
Buttons, ribbons or other notions
And Anything else you would care to send our way.

“It is what it is, but it will become what you make it.”  Abraham Lincoln (1809 to 1865)