Radford City Schools

Sketch Topics

1. draw one corner of your room
2. draw the exterior of your house
3. an opened door or drawer
4. your hand
5. your face
6. a bare foot
7. a fall leaf in color
8. a page full of leaves
9. a woven basket
10. a plate of food (before or after meal)
11. draw six white eggs on a white plate in front of you
12. various types of clouds
13. value/ tone: draw a landscape showing five values of light and dark
14. make a contour drawing of your crossed feet
15. your reflection in an object (sunglasses, Christmas tree balls, mirror, etc.)
16. the back of someone’s head, showing the pattern of hair
17. an old tube of toothpaste or paint
18. a toy, stuffed animal
19. your front door
20. your closet
21. looking out your bedroom window
22. a crumpled brown paper bag
23. a plant
24. a chain or piece of jewelry
25. a plant
Have an idea for a topic?  Send me an email msaunders@rcps.org
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