Radford City Schools


Angela B. Thompson
School Counselor
Music Enrichment Teacher for 5th and 6th grades
I committed to graduate from Floyd County High School in 1978. I also committed to graduate from Radford University in 1982, 1983 and 1992.
Bachelor of Science in Music Education from Radford University, Radford,VA
Bachelor of Music Therapy from Radford University, Radford, VA
Master of Science in School Guidance from Radford University, Radford,  VA
License in Administration
High and Elementary School  Music
School Counselor PREK-12
Administration and Supervision PREK-12
I was inspired by my music teacher to become a music therapist prior to becoming a school counselor 12 years after that first goal was completed.  I was also inspired by my first principal Freda Harter who encouraged me to sing solos and to become a leader in my class. Tell what inspired you or who inspired you. I attended an elementary school that was from Kindergarten to 7th grade.  I loved being selected to work in the school store both 6th grade and 7th because it taught me important leadership skills. I also was inspired by my band director and choir director in high school because even though I made good grades my passion was music and that kept me involved and motivated throughout school. 

I am looking forward to meeting new 3rd graders and seeing all the students returning to Belle Heth.  I am looking forward to sharing guidance information and team building with all grade levels at Belle Heth. I am also excited about listening to students and sharing all kinds of interactive games related to guidance standards.  Additionally I am looking forward to teaching 5th grade and 6th grade bucket drumming skills as well as music computer writing skills, hand bells at Christmas and other enrichment ideas.