Radford City Schools


Darlene Lane
I have been a 4th Grade Teacher at Belle Heth Elementary School for 15 years of my 29 years of teaching experience. I worked in North Carolina schools for 14 years prior to coming to Belle Heth. 
I committed to graduate from Rockingham County High School, Reidsville, NC in 1982 After high school attended and received degrees from the following: Bachelor of Science in Elem Ed from Campbell University, Buies Creek, NC in 1986, Masters of Arts in Christian Education from Southeastern Baptist Theological Seminary, Wake Forest, NC in 1988, and a
Masters of Education in Educational technology from Radford University in 2012.
From the time I was the age of four I wanted to be a teacher. I played teacher with all of my dolls and stuffed animals and loved guiding the learning of anyone that would listen. My mom became a teacher when I was in middle school and I enjoyed helping her prepare lessons as well as going to help in her classroom. I had many outstanding teachers in my life, but my mother was my greatest teacher. 
Education is very important to my family. My father always taught me the most important things in life are: 
God, Family and Education. I have tried to impress those upon my own children who are now college graduates. My daughter followed my path and teaches 4th grade in Staunton, VA. My son works for a professional soccer team in Houston, Texas. 
This year will be such an exciting year as we implement innovation in our schools and classrooms encouraging students to think critically, be creative, and collaborate with their classmate as well as communicate their learning. I will be integrating subject areas and utilizing the content information in project based and problem based learning.