Fay Bowen
4th Grade Teacher
Bachelors degree in Elementary Education and Early Childhood Education from Radford College, Radford , VA
History Specialist Certification from University of Virginia
Certified NK-4 and 4-7
Proudly teaching the children of Radford at Belle Heth Elementary for four decades and counting!
I committed to graduate from Broadway High School in 1975. I also committed to graduate from Radford College in 1979. I knew I wanted to be a teacher when I was in fourth grade. I had an awesome student teacher named Miss Stoltzfus and I wanted to be just like her.  My parents were not rich people and had not graduated high school themselves.  But I held on to my dream of being a teacher and worked to achieve my goal.
I remember when I was in fourth grade, my teacher, Mrs. White,  told us about an amazing machine.  She said it cost millions of dollars, took up a space about as big as our classroom, and it could add, subtract, multiply and divide.  It was called a computer.  You know this machine as a calculator!

This year I am looking forward to some fantastic adventures. We will read about brave people that made a difference in the world.  We will explore the history of our state and see how it affects us today.  We will discover our physical world and understand how it all works together to make Earth a special place.  But most importantly, we are going to work together as a family of learners sharing our thoughts and knowledge to make us all better people!  Let's get going!