Radford City Schools

Welcome to Mrs. Luckett's Class!

I am so pleased to have your child in our class this year!  I am looking forward to an enjoyable, productive year.


The following is a list of information you will need to know before we start our year.


* I will keep you informed weekly with a Monday Folder and send home a progress report for you to review and return on Tuesdays.


*Each day, your child will bring home a Take Home Folder with any homework, notices, etc.  The Take Home Folders need to go home/come back to school every day.


*We will have a daily snack time around 10:00am-ish to “re-energize”.  Snack time is optional for your child, but if you decide to take advantage, please be sure to send something healthy each day.


*For use of the Chromebooks, we are asking parents to please send in earbuds or lightweight headphones (we have noticed most children prefer the headphones over earbuds).  These will be kept at school.


*Our class will use the following items throughout the year.  If you are able to send in these items to help out at any time, it will be greatly appreciated! We do many STEM activities and use up items quickly. Items in bold are used on a daily basis and need to be replenished often.


glue sticks (for glue guns)

duct tape

extra pencils

small envelopes

dry erase markers

masking tape

popsicle sticks




pipe cleaners




cereal boxes

shoe boxes

paper towels 

paper towel/toilet paper rolls

hand sanitizer - pump bottle

Disinfectant Wipes



magnetic tape

rubber bands

bags of Hershey's Kisses

bags of Life Saver mints (spearmint)



Please be sure to check your child's homework assignment sheet/Planner each week for updated homework assignments.  You may also check the Weekly Homework Assignments




Each week your child will have a list of Spelling Words and a Spelling Test on Friday.  

For Reading, we will be reading a story and working on a certain skill for that week.  We will take a Reading Test on Fridays. 

Each week, your child will be required to read a certain number of minutes and record it on his/her Reading Log.

In Language, we will work on a different grammar skill each week.  

We will work on Writing practice throughout the school year.

Our class uses IXL on the computer to review skills throughout the year.



Daily Math homework will be sent home and due the next school day.

Our class uses the Reflex and IXL computer programs for practicing Math problems throughout the year.



Your child will keep a Science SOL handbook that should be reviewed each night.  Tests will be noted on the Weekly Assignment sheet/Planner.

We will also be implementing STEM activities throughout the week to reinforce our units.



Your child keeps a Social Studies SOL handbook.  Notes should also be reviewed each night.  Tests will be noted on the Weekly Assignment sheet/Planner.


If just 25% of U.S. families used 10 fewer plastic bags a month, we would save over 2.5 BILLION bags a year.

"We do not inherit the earth from our ancestors, we borrow it from our children."

-Native American Proverb