Day to day homework is displayed on our whiteboard at school. 

Students are responsible for copying all assigned work into their assignment notebook



Ms. Z and I encourage the kiddos to try to do them at home if they have time. We never want them to stress over them. If they get a 90% or higher we put a 100% in the grade book, but if they do not finish them, they are not reprimanded. They serve as extra practice and will help them in the long run. :)

* IXLs are assigned weekly and are due on Fridays. If students do not have internet at home, we ask that they use extra time in school (before/after school or when they finish class work).   Students will have time in class to complete these skills. They must get a 90% to receive a 100% in the grade book.
March 4, 2019
We are so excited to start our One Book, One School tonight.  We read Chapter 1 in class this morning.  Please reread this at home tonight.  Trivia questions will be given each day from the previous night's reading.  
CAMPING WEEK: We are planning for our week of educational camping March 18-22.  This is a surprise for the kids.  Please let us know if you have any small tents or small lawn chairs that you could send in for the week!  Thanks.  I will be sharing a Google Docs to sign-up for other items.  We appreciate your help with this fun week!
Reading Benchmark on Thursday!  Please get a good night's sleep!
We are having our student vs. staff basketball game Friday morning at the Rec Center!

Language: IXLs Q1-7, P 1-12, U 1-2, V 1-3, Y 1-4, E 1-6, W1-4, O 1-2, F1, G1-5, AA 1-6


Social Studies notes need to be reviewed DAILY to prepare for upcoming tests. Big project due March 7th. Please work on this nightly. Westward Expansion test WED.

If you plan to travel home or to the Rec. Center in a different manner than usual, you MUST have a note. This is for the safety of all Belle Heth students.