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Welcome to 7th Grade Life Science and to John Dalton Intermediate School.  All of us at Dalton are very excited to be a part of your life this year.  This syllabus outlines what is expected for Life Science.


Classroom Rules:

  • All students will follow the school conduct code at all times.

  • Come to class on time and prepared every day. Failure to do so will result in penalty hall.

  • Be ready to start working IMMEDIATELY as you enter the room.

  • RESPECT - will be given to all,  this includes:   teachers, classmates, substitutes, and visitors

  • Effort  -   students will do their best at all times.  

  • Every student is expected to spend time in class completing assignments,  reviewing notes, working on any make-up work, or projects as needed.  We are here to work.


Grading System and Grading Scale:

Student’s grades are compiled from total points earned divided by the total possible points during a 9 week grading period.   Grades will include but are not limited to:  homework, classwork, class participation, projects, labs, tests and quizzes.  


90 - 100  :  A           80 - 89  :  B           70 - 79  :  C            60 - 69  :  D           59 and below  :  F


  • Radford City Schools give a benchmark test at the end of each 9 week grading period. These tests will only serve as individual growth model and will not count toward the student’s final grade.

  • Students will be tested on current material and cumulatively throughout the year.  What is learned in September can still be covered in testing material throughout the entire year.  

  • Test questions will range in combination from open-ended questions, multiple choice, True/False (correcting the false answers), short answer, Technology Enhanced (TEI).   

  • Please check the Parent Portal for grades and  progress at least weekly.  Please contact the school office for login and password if needed.  Don’t wait until the end of the marking period to be surprised.

Students should bring the following material to class everyday:

Binder and all class materials -- We will be developing an interactive notebook, please do not put other subjects in your binder.  It will be collected and graded throughout the year.   

Agenda book


Pencils – NO PENS

Homework and Class Assignments:

Students are required to spend time each night on homework or preparing for the next day’s class.   

Homework includes reviewing current and past notes on a daily basis.  Students should spend 15-20 minutes nightly studying their notes and completing any assignment given.   Homework is a vital part of class. Homework reminders are sent through REMIND.  


It is the responsibility of the student to keep up will all  assignments and make arrangements to come in early or stay after school as needed.  Each student is a member of our class and his/her effort and participation are just as important as all the others.  Together we will make this a successful classroom.


Students will be using Google Drive and Classroom throughout the year.  


Login is your first initial  middle initial  last name  :  Example bhedwards

Password is :  radford and your lunch count number: radford79821 (no spaces)


Once schedules are finalized, students will be invited to join Google Classroom which will be an additional resource for assignments, tests, and reminders.  

Make-up Work:

School policy states that students have 1 day for each day absent to get make-up work completed.

  • It is the responsibility of the student to get his/her make-up work and to get the assignments completed and turned in on time.  Ask the teacher for any missed work when you are out.    

  • Plan ahead,  please notify the teacher of an upcoming absence or make arrangements to pick up assignments in the office as needed.

  • Failure to make up any assignments will result in a “Zero” grade.

SOL Test:

Students are not required to take an SOL in Science this year.  However, what students learn this year will be covered on the 8th Grade SOL test.  It is important to take this class seriously, take good notes, and keep up with all materials.  Interactive notebooks will be collected at the end of the year and used again in 8th grade as a review for the Spring SOL.  Good notes and organization are essential for your success.


Email addresses:

Parent/Teachers ONLY use: bedwards@rcps.org      

Students ONLY use: bedwards@rcps.k12.va.us


Welcome to DIS and the start of a great year together!

Class materials for Life Science

1.5”    3 ring binder

Pencil with a good eraser

Small pack of colored pencils

Several highlighters in various colors


This year we will be creating an interactive notebook.  It will require paper throughout the year and our paper supply is limited.  If it is in your budget and you are willing  to supply our class with a ream or 2 of copy paper, it would be greatly appreciated.  


No notebook paper or spiral notebook is required for this class.  I will supply lined paper as needed.