Radford City Schools

STEM Class - S1

This class will be very fluid, dynamic, hands-on, and to some degree, follow the interests of the students.
Focusing on the design process, we will be investigating real-world principles 
and building models with STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) in mind. 
I am looking forward to being a Guide-By-Your-Side while learning together! 
During the first weeks, we will:
  • Talk about class expectations, rules, grading, wise choices, mindsets, and the consequences of individual and/or team actions. Digital and physical citizenship will be an integral part of these discussions. From this, we will write up a class contract that each student will sign. 
  • Clean up and organize any work and emails from prior years (both Google and from our local server), and set an organizational hierarchy for files created this year. 
  • Take photos to be used when needed - learning correct downloading and filing concepts. 
  • Get to know each other through a Multiple Intelligences Inventory. We all have preferred modes of thinking and learning - the Inventory will help us find our strengths and the learning styles where we are not as comfortable.