Radford City Schools

Yearbook 2017-2018

This class is not a class, but a team. We will be working together to put out an amazing yearbook that chronicles the Dalton 2017-2018 experience. We will be learning the yearbook software, the finances behind producing it, marketing skills, photography, and much more. It will be fluid, fulfilling the needs of the yearbook as our deadlines approach. It will also be one of the "voices" of Dalton: adding to and maintaining our social media sites, creating and posting digital citizenship videos and infographics for the school and online, and promoting learning through the local papers. 
I am looking forward to being a Guide-By-Your-Side while learning together! 
During the first few weeks, we will:
  • Talk about class expectations, rules, grading, wise choices, mindsets, and the consequences of individual and/or team actions. Digital and physical citizenship will be an integral part of these discussions. From this, we will write up a class contract that each student will sign. 
  • Set an organizational hierarchy and naming conventions for files created this year. 
  • Login to the yearbook website. 
  • Watch tutorial videos and play in the Create - Share space
  • Start outlining themes, pages, and assigning jobs
  • Meet with Brian Hunter, the yearbook rep, on Thursday the 24th to walk through questions and start our setup. 
  • Take individual photos of the team members - learning correct downloading and filing concepts. 
  • Start to design and build the bulletin board in the front entrance. 
  • Get to know each other through a Multiple Intelligences Inventory. We all have preferred modes of thinking and learning - the Inventory will help us find our strengths and the learning styles where we are not as comfortable.