Radford City Schools

Literacy, Language Learning and Drama

Drama in Education Can be Fun!

During the month of October, 2013 we will use the book,  Chocolate Fever as a springboard for learning vocabulary, syntax, sequencing events and good articulation skills through drama activities.  By using games and drama play activities such as "Funny Faces", "Still Frames", "Flash Forwards" can develop critical skills for literacy.  As students act out the meaning of words, they use multisensory language strategies to meet the needs of many of the multiple intelligences of our students.  

We will also use nonfiction books related to the History and Geography SOL items to enhance language skills.

Additional Nonfiction books that will be used with this theme:
Chocolate-A Sweet History by Sandra Markle
Chocolate-Riches from the Rainforest by Robert Burleigh

Activities to Do at Home with Your Children
1.  Ask your children to retell a chapter in the book.
2.  Play a game of charades in the evening with the vocabulary list from the book.  The children can act out a word for you which may include verbs, adjectives and adverbs.  Draw pictures to help them remember the words.
3.  The children can sequence and retell events in a chapter using the sequence words, "first", "next", "after that", "then", and finally.  They could also draw a picture of the events by folding a blank piece of paper into four or six squares and drawing an event in each one.
4.  Talk about what might happen next in the story and make a prediction.  Write your prediction in a notebook.