Radford City Schools


Maryjane Drengwitz
  Inclusion/Resource/Special Education Teacher
            5th grade
Dear parents and students,

 I have been working with Belle Heth students and their families for six years.

I committed to graduate from Northwood High School in 1977. I also committed to graduate from Georgetown University in 1983. I later went back to school to become a teacher. I committed to complete my teaching certification at Radford University. I continued on to get my masters in reading because I love working with children as they are becoming readers.

I had one English teacher, Mrs. Riddle, who was patient and guiding in helping me develop my writing skills. She would allow me to think about my mistakes and correct them rather than simply mark them wrong. She taught me that we learn best when we are given guidance and then encouraged and allowed to think things through on our own.
I am looking forward to helping our students become self-sufficient, independent, kind, hard working successful adults. I know that everyone of them can achieve these goals.
Maryjane Drengwitz
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My Educational Background:
Bachelor of Science in Business Administration with major in Marketing from Georgetown University, Washington, DC
Masters of Science in Reading
and PreK-6 Elementary Education Licensure from Radford University, Radford, VA
Reading Specialist
Elementary Education PreK-6
Special Ed. - General Curriculum K-12