Laura Bishop

7th Grade Life Science
Welcome to the 2022-2023 school year! Life science will be an exploration of scientific practices through the study of cells, classification of and relationships between organisms, energy transfer within life processes, ecosystems, and genetics.
I committed to graduate from Radford High School in 1997.  I also committed to graduate from Longwood College in 2001.  I don't have a specific moment or teacher that inspired me, but being a teacher is all I have ever wanted to do. New school supplies are one of my favorite things ever!   Several elementary school memories stand out to me.  I always loved to be the snack helper in kindergarten.  I distinctly remember we got to pass out the napkins, straws, milk, and snack.  That was a huge responsibility for a five-year-old.  Homemade rolls from the cafeteria were the best snack days!  Also, I loved when my third-grade teacher, Mrs. Bowman, would read aloud to us.  She would let us lay on the floor and under her desk was my favorite spot.  Her classroom was a warm and cozy environment.  I could go on and on about all the wonderful RCPS teachers I had growing up.
Previously, I taught at DIS for nine years before moving away for three years.  I am super excited to be back at DIS for my fourth year.