Mrs. Kelly Morris
7th & 8th Grade Reading Specialist 
[email protected]   *   540-731-3651



I committed to graduating high school many years ago, back when I was a Cougar in 1982. I've always had a love for learning, especially about the world and nature. My parents helped foster that love, making books accessible and encouraging me to be inquisitive. Education was important to my parents because it was not an opportunity for them. I am a first generation college graduate. My family is very proud. They wanted my brother and me to have opportunities that they did not. They saw it as a means of being financially independent and successful, so I committed to graduating from Radford University my senior year of high school.
After years of working at an advertising agency and raising a family, the inquisitive part of me, wanted more... more learning. I continued my educational journey and received my bachelor's degree in middle school education, concentrating in English and math. After five years of teaching, the learning bug bit again! I wanted to become a better teacher, so I went back to RU for my master's degree. This time, concentrating in literacy education. Guess what? I'm still not finished with my education. I continue to be that inquisitive kid my parents encouraged me to be. 

DIS Students and Families,
The English program at Dalton Intermediate School is designed to meet students at their independent reading and writing level and challenge them to become more proficient readers and writers.  In my reading class, students will learn reading strategies to use while reading fiction and nonfiction that will serve them well throughout the rest of their educational years and beyond. The goal is to help all students become more confident, successful readers and writers and to develop a positive relationship with reading.