Jennifer Davie

Spanish I, II, Independent Study

English as a Second Language

I have been in education since 1995!

I committed to graduate from George Washington High School (Charleston, WV), Virginia Tech (B.A), and West Virginia University (M.A)

I love being a Bobcat.  We are a family who loves, supports, and cares for each other.

Ms. Mary Sullivan inspired me to be a High School Spanish teacher.  She was so positive and kind that we called her Ms. Mary Sunshine!  




Hola mis amigos:)

Hi friends!  Wow - I've missed you guys!  I hope this finds you healthy and well:)
I'm posting here a few websites that you can use to continue on your language-learning journey.  
Also, if you have your Chromebook, you can access your textbook.  You can continue with what we have been studying (2nd part of Unit 3), as well as access activities and interactive videos and resources.
And, I'd love for you to check out google.classroom where I will make videos and have specific activities for your class.
Please feel free to reach out to me - I'd love to hear from you!
Hasta pronto - 
Sra. Davie