Welcome to  2020-2021 school year.  I am so excited to see you and welcome the opportunity for us to interact and learn together. Although this year will be challenging, we can look forward to diverse ways of acquiring information.

Our classrooms have been staged for physical distancing. We are following a health and safety plan that includes a protocol for cleaning  and  disinfecting.


For more information about RCPS’s Return to Learn,  CLICK HERE


Four things to remember when you are in the school building.
1.  Wear your mask.
2.  Wash your hands frequently.
3.  Remember not to touch your face.
4.  Physical distance as best possible.
Here is our Google Classroom for this year:
Parents and students,
As a means of making learning more obtainable, RHS will now begin offering (9/21/20) a combination of synchronous (Google Meeting) and asynchronous (work at your own pace) learning. We realize that some students have multiple obligations and cannot attend class regularly, so we are working to support these situations. Students can now join a Google Meeting during their regularly scheduled class time. Just as a reminder, here are the class meeting times for my English 10, 11, and 12 students: First-- English 12, 8:30-9:25; Third--English 11, 10:27-11:17; Fourth-- English 10, 11:23-12:13; Fifth -- English 11, 12:55-1:45; Sixth -- English 12, 1:51-2:41; Seventh -- English 11, 2:47-3:40. My planning period is second period from 9:31-10:21. Students and parents may call, 7312-3649, ext. 3870, or email, [email protected] if they have questions or concerns. In addition, there will be a video that will highlight the lesson's focal points disseminated to the various classes. Virtual students will still receive content through the Google Classroom, but now they will have several additional options to reach out to their teachers.