Welcome to Eighth Grade! I am very excited to be an 8th grade teacher at Dalton Intermediate School. On top of being part of a great school family, I am equally excited about the fact that I teach English! My hope this year is to impart to each of my students a love of our language and reading. We will read amazing books, short stories, articles, poetry, and more!


Before teaching eighth grade, I taught fifth grade for two years in Giles County and third grade for one year at Belle Heth, and sixth grade for two and a half years at Belle Heth. This is my second year teaching eighth grade and I absolutely LOVE IT! These experiences have shaped me into a teacher who understands the developmental level of upper elementary and middle school students and the many joys and challenges they face as they work along in their education. 


I committed to graduate from Christiansburg High School in 2008. I also committed to graduate from Radford University in 2012. Along my journey to graduating, I met many challenges, but more prevalent than those challenges were the opportunities that led me to become the teacher that I am. There is not doubt, had I not had the loving and nurturing teachers that I did in elementary school, I would not be where I am today. I am especially thankful for my 5th Grade teacher, Mrs. Landreth, who taught me to love my heritage, the English language, and the art of penmanship. Additionally numerous teachers throughout middle and high school helped me develop into the person I am today, and for that I am ever grateful. My college career was challenging too; however, I will never forget how my freshman year English professor praised me in front of my whole class as to how wonderful my writing was. Her words echo yet in my mind, "Andrew, you have wonderful voice in your writing!" This simple comment from a college professor changed my whole outlook on English class. I had never felt good at anything related to English, but that simple comment helped me see that I was somebody. I was somebody who could graduate, and graduate with honors. I did just that in 2012. That English professor gave me the adrenaline to go forward and reach my goal. 


I am looking forward to a great year and wish you equal joy in all of your educational endeavors. 


Mr. Andrew J. Graham