About Me

Hello! My name is Andrew Graham and this is my 11th year in education. I am a 7th and 8th Grade English Teacher at Dalton Intermediate School. I teach both General and Advanced English courses.


I committed to graduate from Christiansburg High School in 2008 to pursue my love for education at Radford University. While there, I refined my commitment from an original focus on History to become an Elementary School Teacher. In 2012 I took my first teaching job in Giles County teaching 5th grade English and Social Studies. In 2014 I took a new position in Radford City Public Schools teaching 3rd grade English, Math, and Science at Belle Heth. The following year I moved to a position teaching 6th Grade English which I stayed in for 2.5 years. Since that time I have been at DIS teaching 8th and 7th Grade English, and I LOVE IT!


My inspiration for teaching started in 5th grade when Mrs. Landreth showed me an education beyond basic reading, writing, math, science, and history. She made learning come alive through numerous field trips, activities, and challenges. I will never forget her challenging us to recite the prologue to Canterbury Tales in "Chaucer's Tongue" or treks up Poverty Creek to search for edible wild plants. Mrs. Landreth taught me that learning could be anything and everything in life.


I believe English is an integral part of our lives as Americans and strive to encourage a love of reading and writing in my classroom. Communication is the foundation on which my students will build their futures.