Third Grade

Holly Billings
Third Grade teacher
Fourth year at Belle Heth Elementary
I committed to graduate from Toms River High School South in 1994.  I also committed to graduate from Radford University in 1998. I have always wanted to become an elementary school teacher since I was in the sixth grade. My sixth grade teacher inspired me to have fun with my students and let them know I care just as she did for me. One great memory I have from the sixth grade was marching down the hallway with my classmates while my teacher played the kazoo. I thought to myself, "What a great job to have!"
I look forward to helping my students be the best they can be and always be proud of themselves. I will encourage students to be good classroom citizens, problem solve throughout their learning and interact with one another through many activities. There are so many things to learn in third grade such as ancient cultures, scientific investigations, animal adaptations, multiplication and many more! It will be a great year to become a Belle Heth Bobcat!