Radford City Schools


Greetings! I would like to introduce myself and provide information about the school counseling program at McHarg. 


My name is Janiele Hamden and I am a professional school counselor licensed by the Virginia Department of Education. This is my second year here at McHarg as a professional; however, I attended all Radford City Schools as a student and am proud to call myself a Radford native. I received a B.S. degree in Psychology and Philosophy and an M.S. degree in School Counseling, both from Radford University. I have five years of counseling experience in the New River Valley and three years of experience working for Pulaski County DSS as an Adult Protective Services, Child Protective Services, and Foster Care Worker. I am also a member of the Virginia School Counselor Association (www.vsca.org). 


Our classroom guidance program at McHarg covers the Standards for School Counseling Programs in Virginia Public Schools. The standards are organized by grade level under the following goals: academic development, career development and personal/social development. I’ve also incorporated a mindfulness model that will teach your children several parts of the brain and their function as it relates to self-regulation. This encompasses educating children on tangible ways to seIf-regulate when they are overly stimulated. In addition to our classroom guidance program, individual and small group counseling is offered on an as-needed basis. Referrals for student counseling come from the principal, teachers, parents, the student or the counselor. Counseling is a voluntary and confidential service. If you have any questions or concerns about your child and the guidance/counseling program, please contact me at jhamden@rcps.org or 540-267-3244.


Essential to the academic program at McHarg is our Effective Schoolwide Discipline (ESD) Program, commonly referred to as our “Kid Cash” program. Our teachers and staff teach common behavioral expectations that contribute to school safety and academic achievement and reward students with “kid cash”. Our intention is to provide positive reinforcement when children make good choices. The program is built on a clear set of expectations: be safe, be respectful and be peaceful. Students visit the School Store every six weeks to buy privileges and items in the store. We encourage service privileges such as helping specialty teachers, in addition to relationship building privileges such as lunch at the café and playing Legos. Our guidance classroom in room 101 serves as the space for guidance activities as well as ESD privileges, with exception to time with specialty teachers. 


Additionally, selected students in kindergarten, first and second grades are recognized as “Terrific Kids” of McHarg on a weekly basis. Terrific Kids are thoughtful, enthusiastic, respectful, responsible, friendly, influential, caring and kind. The Terrific Kids of the week will appear on our live T.V. Monday mornings during announcements and will have their names announced. They will also be awarded a McHarg zippy clip.


In conclusion, I am always available as a consultant for teachers and parents. Please feel free to set up an appointment by phone at 540-267-3244 or email me at jhamden@rcps.org. I look forward to working together this year and fostering growth, health, and happiness in our children. 


Janiele Hamden