Special Education Teacher
Angela McCauley
Special Education Teacher
Starting teaching at Belle Heth Elementary School in 2017.
Began teaching special education in 2001. 
I committed to graduate from Rural Retreat High School in 1996.  I graduated with an Advanced Studies Diploma.  I also committed to graduate from Radford University in 2000.  I was the first person in my immediate family to obtain a college degree.  I had a favorite teacher named Mrs. Rudolph, who was my K and 1st grade teacher, that made my first years in school memorable.  She inspired me to also pursue a career in teaching.  Mrs. Rudolph remained a part of my educational journey, even attending my college graduation celebration! 
In Fall of 2019, I will begin taking courses through RU Graduate College for my Educational Leadership Master's degree. I look forward to continuing my learning journey and growing my skills. 
This year I am looking forward to working with fellow teachers to help students flourish and to learn through collaboration, innovation, and  FUN engaging activities.  
I am in House Compassion. I can't wait to see all of our rising 3rd graders be sorted into a House. BHES teachers are excited to see all of our students returning students and look forward to meeting incoming 3rd graders.