Galen Weyer

Galen Weyer
6th grade Math
3rd Year at Belle Heth Elementary
6-8th grade Math and Social Studies
World History
  I am a former Radford High School graduate and committed to graduate from Virginia Tech in 2009 with a degree in History and minor in Urban Planning.  Also, I committed to graduate from Mary Baldwin College and received my masters in education in 2010.
   My main early inspiration came from Tony Dehart, my coach/ P.E. teacher.  He showed me that through hard work I could become a good athlete.  That led to my realization that through more hard work I could become a good student.  I am most looking forward this year is to helping students find their aspirations and obtaining these goals. 
  I look forward this year to help plant / nurture the seeds in our students that will develop into their future careers.