Connie P. Wood
Director of school Nutrition
I have worked in the School Nutrition Program since 1992 working in Pulaski County Public Schools. I have been with Radford City Public Schools in December 2017 as the Director of School Nutrition.
I committed to graduate from Radford High School in 1980. I also committed to graduate from New River Community College in 2005 with honors. The students inspire me to provide them with the great tasting, eye appealing, and nutritional meals everyday. My most fondest memory as a student at McHarg Elementary School was my 1st grade teacher Mrs. Freeman. She was a very kind and caring teacher. She made me feel special. She taught me to read my favorite series of the Dick & Jane books.
I'm excited and looking forward to providing fresh, great tasting, nutritional breakfast, lunches, and after school snacks to all students in the new school year.
Parents check out the School Nutrition page! Packed full of information. Monthly menus are posted.