Radford City Schools

Mrs. Teresa Chambers-Third Grade

Teresa Chambers

Third Grade Teacher

The 2018-2019 school year will be my first year teaching at Belle Heth Elementary! I look forward to being a member of such a strong academically achieving environment.  

I commited to graduate from Christiansburg High School in 2001. Growing up locally to Radford and knowing students who attended school in Radford, is a part of what drove me to continue my education in this area.

I then went on to Radford University and committed to graduate in 2005.  I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Interdisciplinary Studies. I always knew that I wanted to be a teacher.  My second grade teacher was my inspiration. He did what we call today a lot of “Project Based Learning,” and for that, so much of what we did in his classroom is still what I remember today. My goal is to weave as much project based learning opportunities into my students’ academics.  

I began teaching at Dublin Elementary in 2005 as a second grade teacher.  I went on to teach for 13 years at Dublin Elementary with 2 of those years being a 1st grade teacher.  While working at Dublin Elementary, my desire to work towards my next degree as a Reading Specialist began.  In 2009 I began my graduate work through Radford University to become a Reading Specialist. I committed to graduated from Radford University in 2014 with a Master’s in Literacy Education.  

My husband and I have now lived in Radford for 15 years.  We have two young children. Our desire to raise our family in such a beautiful city that includes diversity, socialization through various city events, seasonally changing landscapes, parks, the New River and such strong schools that drive their education through the latest research based initiatives, is what helped us choose our forever home in Radford City. I love the outdoors.  Especially camping and hiking. I am also an avid runner and try to participate in 5ks when I can.

Every student, every day is what drives my desire for being the best instructor I can be.  I look forward to the learning opportunities we will encounter and achieve in our 2018-2019 school year! Go Bulldogs!